• Do you like to DIY?…Me Too!
  • Do you like to craft?…Me Too!
  • Do you like finding and creating great home decor for cheap?…Me Too!

Wait, let me clarify that last on a little bit. Please don’t confuse “finding great home decor for cheap” with finding cheap home decor. I love to find great quality pieces that will last for the best price, not home decor that is cheap and will be curb side within a month.

OK, now that that’s clear, back to what I was saying-

  • Are you a busy wife and mom that works a full-time job outside the home and has more ideas for the home then time?…Me Too!

Let’s be friends!

The goal of Diary of a DIY mama is to open the door of our home to you and let you see our experiences in living a a DIY home. My husband I have owned 3 homes in the past 14 years and those homes have taught us a lot. Even though we will be focusing mostly on our current home, we will be flashing back to some of our previous ones also here and here. Each home we have tackled bigger and bigger projects and have had a great time doing it. So we thought-why not open our doors and let our readers see what we have accomplished. Maybe they can learn from our experiences and have some fun. Yes, please make sure you have fun when doing these DIY projects. If you don’t enjoy shopping for your home or making custom pillows or ripping up carpets and installing new flooring -and have fun doing it- your project will definitely not turn out as planned.

Quick expereince with that-my husband hates to paint. He hates to paint a room, a door, trim, cabinets you name- it he hates it and we have learned from that. At all cost DO NOT GIVE HIM A PAINT BRUSH. At this point if a room needed to be painted, I would rather open the door to the room and throw the paint straight from the bucket onto the walls then ever let him touch another paint brush. Why? Is he incapable? Does he not have the skills? No, he just does not enjoy painting at all and it shows in the outcome. Me, on the other hand, I love to paint. I love to crack open that brand new paint can, blast some good old Micheal Jackson on my Pandora and just paint all day. I’ve done it countless times and willl do it again and again and again…Luckly for us my husband has many more other skills. He would much rather gut a bathroom and build it back up then to ever touch a paint brush again and that works for us.

Anyway, kinda got off topic there. Where was I? Oh yes, come have some fun with us and hopefully get inspired to start your own home projects.

Please don’t forget to leave us your comments and experiences with your own DIY home project. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping-


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