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Annabella-part 2

Our second DIY home Annabella

In my last post we were taking a walk throw our second home Annabella. If you missed that you can read up here and if you also missing the post about “Why You Should Name Your Home” you can read that one here.

Our second home

Now back to the story at hand. To recap, in the 1st Annabella post, we walked through our second DIY home’s using my old pictures when our house went on the market. We went through the entry, up the stairs, avoiding the kitchen at all cost, into the living room, dining room, the upstairs deck, and took a peak into our backyard. Then we came back in and left you in the amazing transformation of the 1 full bathroom courtesy  of my husband G-.

diy master bedroom
DIY Master Bedroom Annabella

Now we are back in the hallway, and to the left is the master bedroom. What it lacked in an en suite, it made up for in a great walk in closet space. I have to admit I yearn for that closet every time I get dressed  in my current home. We had enough space for both my husband and I’s clothes and my handbags. Doesn’t seem like a lot but I hang everything. Pants, blouses, t-shirts, ties you name it we hang it and it all fit perfectly. I also had a great collection of 100+ costume jewelry necklaces that I hung one by one on the side wall. At that time I was very into statement necklaces and we displayed them like art on the whole length of the wall, floor to ceiling. I wish I had a photo of it. When we finally decided on our current home, I knew I didn’t have the closet space for them, so I wrapped each one in tissue paper and gifted them to my very appreciative niece. She still sends me pictures of my known favorites sometimes.

Back to the bedroom. When we moved in the wall o mirrors were there. We definitely wanted those eventually removed but never got that far. We did remove the, you guessed it, wallpaper from the wall. If you missed my previous post about Annabella, the entire top floor of this house was covered in high quality, professionally installed, thick textured wallpaper covered with pink flowers and a mint background. Yeah, it was more terrible then I can even describe. So after removing all the wallpaper and doing a fresh coat of paint in this room I did a DIY diamond pattern on the walls that I painted with Martha Steward metallic paint. It was a very easy DIY project using a piece of cardboard, pencil and a truck load of patience. We had the light fixture installed, and the king size headboard was my DIY project complete with a slightly shimmery fabric and nail-head details. On the center of the bed was a knitted family tree pillow I made. I found this pattern online and just tweaked it a little to add the second tree. On either side of the bed was end tables that we purchased a long time ago from Pier 1 Imports but held up for years.

The lamp shades were another DIY project. On the outside of the shades I painted black and the inside gold on the inside. This was my inspiration for that project. The zebra rug was my one and only purchase from QVC. I do still have that rug in my bedroom in my current home but it’s seen better days and I haven’t done much searching on how to clean it. The rocking chair was a must in this room. My husband and I spent hours and hours feeding and rocking our sons to sleep. The only criteria for that chair was, it had to be comfortable.

diy boy's bedroom IKEA
DIY A & M’s bedroom Annabella

Coming out of the master, D-‘s room is straight across the hallway and A&M’s room was next to that. A&M’s bedroom was orginally the jungle room when we first bought the house. They even had a plush monkey hanging from a faux tropical tree and can you guess what else? Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding! You guessed it! Wallpaper. Expect this one had gigantic tropical leaves on it.

Over the years this room has seen many trasformations and wall colors. At the time this photo was taken, we had taken apart the bunkbeds because we found my youngest son doing dare devil moves off the top of the ladder. The theme of this room was “World Traveler”.  There is a ton of inspiration for this on Pintrest. This is the DIY canvas I made that is haning on the wall by A’s bed.

This is now in their room in our current home. It is a super easy DIY project. I just hand drew out the continents onto a large painter’s canvas from Micheal’s, painted everything around the continents with a dark navy blue acrylic paint. The word “explore” is just letters I cutout from a street map and glued to the canvas.

Under both beds we put dresser drawers on wheels for storing socks, pj’s and underwear because of ultimate closet space in every bedroom of this house, we had no dressers in the bedrooms. On the walls we hung IKEA picture frames over both beds with colorful printouts of major cities around the world. I printed smaller versions of those pictures on a large canvas on the wall by M’s bed. Hanging by the shelves was an adorable world puzzle we found on one of our  many trips to Barnes and Noble. The boys help me put it together, I glued it and then hung it from the ceiling. The organge “You Are Loved” canvas was another quick and easy DIY project that I did and just put it on the shelves with their trophies and other nic-nacs. Under those shelves is another IKEA storage unit that holds tons and tons of books and an IKEA rug M- loved rolling and crashing his cars on. Then between the bed and the shelf, you can barely see, a corduroy navy beanbag seat from Target. That is where I would always find M- buried under a bunch of books reading to himself.

DIY boy's bedroom, Nike sneaker wall stencil
DIY D’s bedroom Annabella

Now for the last bedroom in the home, D-‘s room. This room has also been many many colors over the years. Gray, yellow, orange and at this point bright white. D- is a big basketball fan and it has always been mixed into his decor. Before getting into what is in the room, let’s address what is not in the room. I don’t know about you, but when I see this picture my eye automatically goes straight to the non existing bed skirt. Where is it?? I have no idea I doubly have no idea why in the world I would allow the realtor to take a picture like this. To me it looks so crazy but I guess you don’t notice it as much when you’re in the space…I guess. Since this photo was posted for the world to see, I now take lots and lots of pictures of our room and mull-over them to see if I am missing anything in the space before putting the check mark done on the room. Anyway, back to D-‘s room. After taking the room from a pumpkin colored orange to a bright white I found someone making these awesome NIKE-esk sneaker stencils on E bay and I thought they were perfect. The process took a while but the outcome was worth it. Then we added 3 IKEA shelves over his bed for trophies and things. The window treatments are a DIY project I did with just some extra long white panels and I sewed black ribbon to to give it some sort of a design. Then because D-‘s sneaker collection runith over, we stored the ones that didn’t fit on his closet shelf in these wire storage cubes from Target. They would have been fantastic if there wasn’t a rug in the room. That shoe tower fell several times before we wised up and secured it to the wall. On the wall opposite of the the skirt-less bed (ugh) D- had an IKEA desk and big leather office chair I scored off Craigslist. D- was big into art and painting at the time and that is where we kept all his supplies.

Now let’s go back down the hall, down the stairs, past the entryway landing and down a few more stairs to the playroom, craft room laundry and half bath. When you first come down the stairs, the playroom is to the right and the craft room is to your left. Let’s go right.-Ahhh…I loved this room! This was the last room we did before moving and also when I really wanted to lighten things up. For years this room was a cavernous basement. The wall had this thick stucco texture on them. It was so think and textured you would cut your hand just from touching it. Not great for a playroom. We put a tremendous amount of work into this room and I feel like it definitely paid off.

diy playroom, IKEA playroom
DIY Playroom Annabella

First to the right was set up as a bar. We had no need for the bar so we removed All the tiled mirrors from the wall. We hung the world map in it’s place and stuck stickers on all the places we have visited as a family. We added shelves in the corner for storing the boys board games, puzzles and arts and craft supplies. We kept a small dorm room type refrigator back there for kids drinks. On the playroom side of the bar and the far right corner were you see a gray painted rock wall (in photos to follow), there were 2 cement steps. The step by the bar was not that big but the other step was huge. I believe the previous owners kept a potbelly stove there and that was the reason for the rock all too, I mean I guess. Why else? It took my husband and I days to remove these ourselves and clean up was just as intense.

diy playroom, IKEA playroom
DIY Playroom Annabella

In the corner were the large step was, you will see the rock wall that I painted a dark gray. We decided not to cover that part up with sheetrock because we felt we would never get the same texture of the other walls. Speaking of texture, those cave like wall my husband sanded down every inch of them. Before he tacked this project, he and I had many conversations about wither we should sand them or cover them and what it came down to was that because they were so heavily textured with the tickest type stucco that we would have to sand them anyway before adding sheetrock on top. After full days and days of sanding and cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning, we decided we actually liked the texture we ended up with. Next G- installed a kid friendly lighter colored wood flooring. That was the first flooring he ever installed and it came out perfect! Then I began to painting. I probably use triple the amount of paint because after all that sanding we were left with a dry feeling to the walls and it felt like the paint just sucked into the wall and disappeared. I probably put 4 coats on each wall. Now for the fun part…putting the room together.

diy playroom, IKEA playroom
DIY Playroom Annabella

This is the spot we went all out IKEA and these are the links to everything we purchased there: TV stand, shelves, sofa, white table, white chairs, yellow chairs, spice rack, Grundtal rail, Sunnersta containers, tumble matt, tube, bench IKEA end tables, and storage bins.

The color scheme of this room was orange, teal and yellow. The wall art was a DIY project that was kind of the “rules” of the playroom. I painted the back of the white IKEA shelves teal I guess mostly to try to keep your eyes away from the horrible rock wall. All the pillows and the throw on the sofa were more DIY projects of mine. The front of the from was for TV, movies and video games.

diy playroom decor, IKEA playroom
DIY Playroom Annabella

Behind the sofa was for play. I put the white table up against the sofa with the chairs for the boy to eat, play with Lego and do crafts. I had to cut just a few inches off the legs so the table wouldn’t be higher then the sofa and then painted the “feet” yellow. If you have a Pinterest account, you’ve seen the IKEA hack with the spice rack bookshelf and let me tell you, it holds a lot of books. I painted chalkboard paint over a thin metal sheet so it could also be used for magnets and then framed it out with trim molding. We mounted the rail to the wall and hung the storage container from it filled with chalk and different magnets. No playroom is complete without some sort of indoor sports. All my boys including my husband are big soccer and basketball fans, so we bought the small soccer net and basetball hoop from Toys R Us. Then I did the DIY Hot Wheels project I found on Pinterest froma wooden shoerack I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond. I hung it slightly out of reach for M- so he could reach some of his car collection but not every single one. Great mom move if you ask me.

The Mohawk rug from Overstock was the scariest purchase but I just had to have it. Because of the white background, I was sure someone would spill something on it…and someone did-ME. A nice big cup of black coffee. The bench on the opposite side of the soccer net was a great spot to sit and watch the boys play. It was made by simply attaching 4 IKEA end tables together. I bought foam cushion and covered it with favric and added the 4 IKEA bins under neath for toy storage.

Through the arched doorway to the left were the steps and straigh ahead was my santurary-my craftroom.

DIY Craft Room, DIY Craft Room pegboard, diy Craft Room desk
DIY Craft Room Annabella

The desk was made out of 2 IKEA shelves and a flat hollow door that I painted white. This made for a huge desk. The shelves are ggreat to house the printer and bright pink IKEA storage boxes filled with craft paper and other craft supplies. The pegboard on the wall made easy access for things like pencils, chalk, paint brushes siccors and more. I did a flower cross stich pattern on the pedboard just to jazz it up a bit. There was window on the far wall with 2 alcoves on either side. I used 1 for paints and more craft supplies and the other to store leftover yarn. (not pictured) This room is were you had access to the laundry room and garage, but let’s bo back through the playroom to the backyard to end this tour of our second DIY home.

diy backyard, paved seating area
DIY Backyard Annabella

I gave you a sneak peak of our yard in the first post of Annabella (here) but let’s do a quick run through.

2 story deck, outdoor seating, under the deck, porch swing
DIY backyard Annabella

Walking out of the back door of the playroom you would be under the top deck. We added the pavers for a seating area and then carried those pavers through the walkway and a large area out from under the deck were anytime of the day or night you would find D- playing basketball.

diy backyard hammock
DIY hammock area Annabella

Over in the corner of the yard we had 2 trees perfectly placed for a hammock. I’ve spent hours with each of my boys here reading books or just listening to their stories.

DIY backyard landscape
DIY backyard Annabella

To the right of the shed was the kid’s play area that I described in my first post here. Moving back across the yard was the porch swing That I painted turquiose. This was a great place to sit and watch the boys run around the yard. To the left of that was our pool and deck that we spent many lazy summer days at.

We truly loved this house and hopefully that came across in these 2 post about Annabella. We are now super excited to move on and start our new life in our current home Julie. Julie is still a work in progress but we look forward to the challenge and keeping you up to date on our DIY home projects.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Thanks so much for stopping by.



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