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DIY Shelving

From the moment we thought about A moving into his own room, I knew I wanted to install industrial shelves. I just love the industrial look of the wood and metal together.

DIY Boy's Bedroom Shelving


Of course, all good searches start on Pinterest but I’m sure the I first time saw them was on an episode of Fixer Upper like these open pipe shelves.

Fixer Upper/Industrial Shelves

After some ewwwing and ahhhing on Pinterest for boy’s bedroom industrial shelves, I came across these beauties that I just love!

DIY Industrial Shelves

Sports Mom Surival Guide

Industrial Shelves Boy's Bedroom

Beneath My Heart

I was sold! These are my inspiration for A’s room, but then things went a little wacky. Yes, I took measurements but didn’t reeeally take note of how these shelves were installed. I pretty much figured G and I could wing it once we got to Home Depot. I was wrong.


So I’m sure I’m not the only one that falls in love with an idea but then when it’s time to make that idea a reality, you realize you don’t love it that much. That is exactly what happened to us in the aisles of Home Depot. As we are looking over the materials that we will need for these industrial shelves, I realize how heavy this pipes really are. I also realize, I never actually paid attention that these shelves are screwed into the floor, which is not something I want to do. But I love this look and I’m standing in Home Depot with my measurments, so I am not leaving without some shelving.


G and I decide to head over to the shelving aisle and there we find our alternative to screwing pipes into A’s bedroom floor. Track shelving and brackets in black. These tracks on the wall with the black brackets and stained wood shelves would give the look of the industrial shelving without out drilling holes into to the floor. I’m happy again.


This is a list of the supplies you will need to complete the entire project. Some of it we already had on hand.

  • 2 70 inch Tracks Home Depot
  • 2 25 inch Tracks Home Depot
  • 11 9 inch brackets Home Depot
  • 2 8 ft x 10 inch Common Board
  • Screws with anchors
  • Leveler
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood Stain
  • Paint Brush for staining
  • Rags for wiping the stain


Let me first say I had all intentions of screwing this tracks into the studs. After finding the studs in the wall, I didn’t like where the tracks would have to be places so I ended up using the screws with anchors. Let’s do this!

I first found where I wanted the middle track to go on the wall and then, using the leveler to make sure it was perfectly straight, I hung my first track with just screws. I did not use the anchors yet because I wanted to make sure my measurements were exact.

Industrial Shelves Boy's Bedroom

Next I measured from that first middle track 16 inches to the right and hung my second track.

Industrial Shelves Boy's Bedroom

I did the same thing for the the 2 tracks on the left except after measuring the placement of the tract on the wall, I used the leveler on the top to make sure it was straight. I did the same with the bottom track and of course forgot to take photos. This next photo is when I just placed the wood on top to double triple check everything lined up before putting in the anchors.

DIY Boy's Bedroom Industrial Shelving

After I was sure everything was straight, I took all the tracks off the wall and installed the anchors. This part tends to be a big deal for me because for some reason I hate putting holes in the walls. I use Command Stripes to hang things on the wall whenever possible, of course this time it is not one of those times. After all the anchors were in, I hung all the tracks back up which was done quickly since everything had been marked.

Industrial Shelves/Wood Metal Shelving

Next it was time to stain the shelves. I laid all my boards on a cardboard box in the living room. I use both Weathered Oak and Kona stains at the same time double dipping the whole process. I did this because I wanted to make sure that the first coat didn’t come out too dark and also I feel it give a little more dimension. First the Weathered Oak and then the Kona overlapping in some spots but not in others. I then immediately wiped off the stain. I did this process on both sides giving each side 2 coats. I did not polyurethane these shelves because, well to be honest, I didn’t have any and I actually love the sheen of the stained shelves.

Industrial Shelving/Boy's Bedroom Decor

Normally I would spend a lot of time deciding how to style these shelves, but this time I handed that task over to A. I really want him to love his new bedroom and be proud of it

Industrial Shelves/Home Decor DIY

We are both very happy with the way these shelves turned out. On to my next project.

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