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Boy's Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Welcome to our tween boy’s bedroom reveal! If you have been reading my blog, you know we have a lot of work to do in our new home Julie. Our goal in this home is to complete one room at a time instead of jumping from room to room with our DIY projects. “Goal” being the keyword here. My son, A- is very happy with his new room and I do feel like the room is complete other then his closet. For right now it is fine because he still shares the largest closet in the house with my youngest son M-.


As we complete each room in our home, with the posted reveal we will also be posting on our SHOP THIS ROOM page. I love this page because I know when I am searching for decorating ideas, my eye will focus on one thing in the room and I will want to know How much? and Where can I get it?

For A’s bedroom reveal, we did a lot of DIY projects, so in that case I will put a link to items that are similar to what we have made our selves. I will also be linking all my DIY projects at the end of this post in case you want to try one yourself


When we first moved in to Julie, 2 of my 3 sons wanted to stay in a shared bedroom, so this room stayed empty for a little over a year just waiting for A- to move in. Here are a the few things we did do while waiting for him to move into his own room.

  • Replaced that oh so nasty teal rug with the same laminate flooring we used through out the house
  • Changed out his light fixture
  • Painted the walls Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray


Now this empty room has been turned into a preteen boy’s bedroom that my son is so proud of. Before starting any decorating in this room, I asked A- what he wanted his bedroom to look like. He said “Awesome!” so I tired my best to give him what he wanted and we both ended up compromising along the way. He wanted his color scheme to be black, white and red, OK. He wanted red walls and a black ceiling, No Way.

Boy's Bedroom Ideas


Boy Bedroom Black and White

The wall art is another compromise A- and I had. He wanted the word Awesome spray painted across his wall. My response? Ok, no but how about we do it on a large canvas instead. So I painted this brick wall on a large canvas with the word Awesome in graffiti letters and some of his favorite characters around it. It actually looks better in person. For some reason, even though this is a nice bright bedroom, I had a hard time getting really good photos.

Boy's Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A’s bed frame I bought off the Offer Up app for $25. All I had to do is 2 coats of black chalk paint and it was done. His bedding is from Target. I love the buffalo checked comforter! It’s very light but does keep him warm. The X marks the spot sheet set is also from Target and is super soft. The 2 decorative pillows on his bed were also DIY projects. I thought the red balloon dog night light was perfect for this room. He uses it every night.

Get Inspired Get Creative Get Shopping in our Boy's Industrial Bedroom

The wall above his bed started out with that Exit Way Out sign. I needed something big for the wall and this worked great and the plus is that it’s light enough to hang with Command Strips. Almost everything on my walls are hung with Command Strips. Then I added my Wall Cube DIY project. You can see how I did that here. I let A- fill in the cubes himself. I think they turned out adorable. The metal USA map I found 80% off at Michael’s Crafts but when I went to link it from there website it was no longer available so I link a similar one to the SHOP THIS ROOM page. Then the peace sign fingers is just another super simple DIY project I did with a painted burlap canvas I found at Hobby Lobby.

At the end of A’s bed is the DIY industrial inspired shelving I did for him to display trophies and his collectibles. You can read all about how I built these shelves and why I decided not to use the typical pipes and wood as my materials¬†here. I love these shelves because it gives him just enough space to display his things without them being cluttered.¬†Under the shelves you will see the 2 metal baskets that make it easy for him to clean up his room quickly.

DIY Boy's Bedroom Makeover

These striped window treatments are a DIY project I posted here, which as you can see I have still yet to remove and hem. A’s desk, I hate to say is a DIY project gone wrong. Well not completely wrong but just didn’t turn out like I planned. Hey things happen. His red desk chair is still holding on strong. That is a chair I bought second hand and you would not believe the colors, yes colors, it was before I painted it. You can see that tutorial here.

DIY Boy's Bedroom Decor

Last but not least A’s two toned dresser. This was an old IKEA dresser that I painted and stained. You can see that post here. Above that is a shark head he wanted from Target and I added some glow in the dark stars to the corner of the room.

I love the way his bedroom came out and more importantly he loves it too. On to my next project.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t for get to click on our SHOP THIS ROOM PAGE.


Preteen Boy's Bedroom Makeover Reveal

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