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DIY Halloween Pillows

Are you looking for some cheap, easy and dare I say fun Halloween decorations for your home? I will show you how I made these 4 Halloween pillows for only $10!! I know it sounds to good to be true, but here is the secrete…Hobby Lobby.

I found these faux linen 18 x 18 pillow cases at Hobby Lobby. They regular $4.99 which is a great deal in it’s self, but at the time I was there, all their pillow covers were on sale for 50% off. I love changing out my pillows for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I scooped up all the ones they had in stock. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do with them but for $2.50, I could not not get them.


I didn’t really have a plain for these pillows, but now that they are completed I realize there are a few things I would have done differently that I will go over later. Because each Halloween pillow was done slightly different I will go through them one by one, but here is what I did for all 4.

  • Iron pillow case
  • Mark 1 1/2 inches in around your pillow, I just used a pencil. Connect your marks to make a square.
  • Paint in the square with black acrylic paint being sure to have a barrier between you pillow so the paint doesn’t bleed to the other side of your pillow. I have an old cutting board that I use for this type of craft but you can use a piece of cardboard.
  • Let them completely dry before adding your design
  • Printout each design in Google Docs
  • Transfer your design onto your pillow. I have posted a detailed way on how to do this here.
  • Paint in your design. I used white fabric paint.
  • After your design is completely dry, I spray mine down with water and toss it into the dryer for about 5 mins. It makes the paint less stiff.

So this post doesn’t go on and on I will be posted how to print out poster sized on Google Docs Drawing (here). Now for the fun stuff.


Black and White Halloween Pillow DIY


This Halloween pillow design I made on the Canva app. I used the Berkshire Swash font for the words “Enter At Your Own” and the Creepster font for the word “Risk”. I use the Canva app on my IPad then email my finished design to myself so I can upload it onto Google Docs Drawing and print it out poster sized. Then the spiderweb, I just painted in free hand.


Spiderweb Halloween Pillow DIY

The spiderweb pillow is actually a free printable I found of Jack Skellington’s Spider snowflake from the “Nightmare Before Christmas”. The one I used is here, but I’m sure you can find a ton more just by doing a Google search. After transferring that design to my pillow, I just painted on some more webbing to fill in my square.


BOO Halloween Pillow DIY

The Halloween “BOO” pillow super simply to make on the Canva app. Actually you can probably just design it right on Microsoft or Google Docs if either have the font you like. I used the Diplomata Sc font. Canva also has tons of shapes, frames and icons you can use in your design.


Ghost Halloween Pillow DIY

The ghost pillow was the simplest one I did. I just hand drew a ghost and painted it in. Then toss them all in the dryer and done!

DIY Cheap Halloween Pillow Covers DIY

I am very happy the way these turned out but like I said earlier, I would have changed a few things.

  • The paint- you go through a pretty good amount of black paint. I should I bought a cheaper acrylic paint so not to go through so much of my “good” paint
  • Also paint- If I had more of a plan for what design I was going to use on each, I would have transferred the design and then started painting the black and white areas instead of painting the whole square black and then painting white over top. Again, it’s a good amount of paint you will be using.

Oh well DIY and learn. I have 2 more pillow covers I bought from Hobby Lobby that I am working on now. Can’t wait to show you. On to my next project.

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How to Make Halloween Pillows Cheap

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