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DIY Halloween Chalkboard Art

Welcome to my next family friendly Halloween project-DIY Halloween Chalkboard Art! This DIY project is part of a series of non scary Halloween blog post I will be doing right up until Halloween. I am sure there are plenty of mamas out there that love Halloween but are not into the scary, gory type of Halloween just like me. I will be posting the links to this series of family friendly Halloween decor at the bottom of each new post. Now let’s get started with this DIY Chalkboard art.


  • 12 X 24 Canvas
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Artist Paint Brush
  • White Colored Pencil
  • Chalk

I will let you in on a little mistake I made with this project right off the bat. I love to create my own chalkboard art signs with the Canva app. If you don’t have Canva, get it. There are a ton of things you can do with this app, but my favorite is using the ton of different fonts that they have.

OK so back to my mistake. I created Halloween chalkboard for my entryway in the Canva app after my boys were tucked away in bed. I “figured” I had the right canvas in my craft room. So without knowing what size printout I actually needed, I created this. Next morning I realized I “figured” wrong. I had to run to the store to grab a new canvas that would fit the small wall in my entryway. After printing out 10 million ways, I could not get the right height and width I needed so I ended up using the words on my printout and then adding the moon, witch, cat and trick or treaters to fill in the blank spots.

Halloween Chalkboard DIY


Halloween Chalk Board Art

Even though I do have chalkboard paint on hand, I just used a regular acrylic paint. It’s a lot cheaper then the chalkboard paint and it gives the same effect in this type of project.

DIY Halloween Chalkboard Art Fonts

Next I taped my printout to my chalkboard figuring out where I wanted the words to go. I then removed the top sheet and rubbed white chalk on the back so the letters would be transferred to the chalkboard when I trace them.

Halloween Chalkboard Sign

Then I pull off the paper and VOILA- it’s a hot mess. Next trace over the letter with a white pencil. I repeated the same process with the second printout.

Halloween Chalkboard Art Quote

This may seem like a extra step to trace over it with the white pencil, but I do this for 2 reasons. 1 because it’s a longer canvas. I won’t smear the chalk when working on the top of the of the chalkboard. 2 when storing this away at the end of the season, it will inevitable smear. Next year, if I choose to use this again, I can just wipe it down and trace it again over the white pencil. So I work on the chalkboard from the bottom up and wipe away the chalk as I go. (shown in the above image)

Easy Halloween Decor

This is what it looks like after tracing all my letters with the white pencil and wiping off all of the chalk. Kinda like a chalkboard but not really.

DIY Halloween Chalkboard Wall Art

After that, I traced one more time with chalk and added my moon, witch, cat and trick or treaters to my empty spaces around the chalkboard. I love the way this Halloween Chalkboard Art turned out and I can’t wait to hang it in my entryway for Halloween! On to my next project.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to follow my Happy Halloween Pinterest Board for more non scary Halloween decor. Don’t forget to check out the links below for more on this series of Family Friendly Halloween Decor for more inspiration.


DIY Halloween Chalkboard Art

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