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Halloween Skeleton Couple Pillow Covers

If you read my last post, 4 Halloween Pillows for $10, you would know I scored at great deal on pillow covers at Hobby Lobby. That is what sparked me to do 6 DIY Halloween Pillow Covers this year for Halloween. Normally I do make one or two new pillow covers around this time of year for the coming holidays. I think it’s an easy way to change up your holiday decorations without spending a bundle. So let’s get right to it.


DIY Halloween Pillow Covers

When I saw this 18 x 18 pillow cover at Hobby Lobby on sale for half price, I’m almost embarrassed to say, I bought everyone they had in stock. Probably more embarrassing then that, I actually sent my mother back to the store to see if they had any more in stock before the sale ended. But in my defense, I do make a lot of my on DIY pillow covers and it is a great neutral color and COME ON!! $2.50??? I feel like I’m actually saving money by buying them. Well at least that’s what I tell my husband when he sees my stock pile…Moving on


When looking for a design for my pillow covers, I will either scroll through Pinterest for ideas and make it my own on the Canva app or I look for free printables. After doing 4 other Halloween pillow covers, this time I searched for free Halloween printables and found these two skeleton silhouettes that I just loved. You can see that post by Salty Canary here.

DIY Halloween Female Skeleton

I copied and pasted the silhouette to a Google Docs Drawing page and tiled printed it onto two pages. I did that because an normal 8×11 printout would have been too small for my pillow cover. If you are not sure how to enlarge an image and print it out on multiple papers (tile print) I have just posted a How To here.


DIY Transfer Image To Pillow Cover

There are many different ways of transferring an image onto a pillow cover or canvas or tote or whatever your current project is. Here is an example of how I transferred words onto a tote as a gift for my sister’s friend using chalk. It really all depends on your project and the color you are transferring onto. For this project, my pillow cover is a very light color so I used at plain old #2 pencil. The key to using a pencil to transfer your design is all in the scribble. Really. Scribble the heck out of the back of that paper. Keep a pencil sharpener next to you and go to town. I also make sure to hold it up to the light to check that I have all the design covered.


DIY Halloween Pillow Cover Tutorials

After taking any built up frustration out on the back of my printout, I tape it to my pillow cover and start tracing. Be sure to place something hard between your pillow because you are going to want to use a good amount of pressure while tracing. You are also going to need it as a barrier when you start painting. I use an old cutting board for this type of project.


DIY Halloween Female Skeleton Pillow Covers

After all my tracing is done, remove the tape and start painting. I like to keep the printout close while painting because I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t realize I missed whole sections of tracing and have to refer to my printout to free hand the area I missed.

Easy Halloween Pillow Cover Tutorial

For the paint I used a black fabric paint you can find at any craft store. This is the one I used, here. The label said black but it is really a charcoal color. I like it! The paint is pretty thick. I only did one coat because I like that is came out a little lighter in some spots. Makes is a touch more Halloweenie I think, but if you have the patience, you can definitely do 2 coats to make it more solid.

DIY Halloween Skeleton Couple Pillow Cover

I absolutely love the way these turned out. I think they go perfect in my front sitting room. The other 4 Halloween pillow covers I made ended up in my family room and sunroom. I love those too, but I feel like these go perfectly in this room. I may even feel a little sad after Halloween is over and I have to put them away until next year.

Oh well, on to my next project. Don’t forget to check out the links below for some more of my Family Friendly Halloween Series and follow me on Pinterest for more DIY inspiration.

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Easy Skeleton Couple Pillow Covers


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