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How to paint stripes on curtains

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In this post I will show you a super easy way to paint stripes onto curtains. I used a flat bed sheet, but really this can be done on window treatments you already have, brand new curtains you want to jazzy up, drop cloth, whatever it is you will be using as your window treatments.

How to paint stripes on curtains

Now if you have searched how to paint stripes on curtains on Pinterest, like I have you will find most tutorials will show you how do this with some sort of painters tape and a large floor space or dining table. I don’t have the floor space to lay this project out without one of my boys running over top of it so that is why I came up with method of painting stripes onto curtains.

I do have a quick confession to make: I LOVE STRIPED CURTAINS. I have painted vertical stripes on D’s window treatments. I have sewn stripes on M’s window treatments. I have glued, yes glued ribbon stripes on window treatments in our previous house, Annabella. So yes, I love striped window treatments and have done them in many ways. There, I said it and now we can move on.


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First, I unfolded the sheet and the just what would be the top of the curtains onto my coffee table and tucked the rest under the table. I started left to right, and you will see why later in the post. Then I started measuring how thick I wanted my stripes to be. I decided on a thin – thick – thin pattern. I’m sure that has an official name, but I have no idea. Moving on, the exact measurements of the stripes are 1 1/2 inch 4 inch and 1 1/2 inch with 1 1/2 inch space in between.

How To Measure Your Stripes

I used the width of my ruler as my guide for my first line. I butted it up to the seam of the top of the sheet to make sure it was straight. I then marked an X between the seem line and my pencil lines to mark the area I wanted to paint. Then used the width of my ruler again to mark the space I wanted to stay white. I measured 4 inches down from those markings for the thicker stripes and marked it with an X. From there I did the space between and the last stripe just like I did with the first. Be sure to mark the X where you will be painting. It does help. After measuring, marking, and connecting the lines of the curtain, I just moved the remaining part of the curtain onto the coffee table and did the same thing. Again tucking in the bottom of the curtain under the coffee table.

How to Paint Stripes on Curtains

How To Paint The Stripes

After all my stripes were marked, I started painting from the right end of the curtain, moving left so I did have to wait for it to dry before moving on to my next section. I have enough room at the end of my coffee table to lay the painted end flat. No big deal if you work the opposite way, I just feel like it made the whole project move along faster because I wasn’t waiting for the paint to dry on the coffee table before moving on to the next end.

I used the flat artist brush to paint the pencil lines and then the wider brush to fill in between the lines. After painting all the lines on the entire curtain, I let it dry over night. By the way make sure when you are painting your lines you have some sort of barrier between the curtain and the coffee table so the paint does not leak through and ruin your table. I just laid down some think cardstock onto my coffee table before starting to paint.

How To Paint Striped Curtains

How To Cut and Sew The Seams

The next morning, I dampened the entire curtain by pulling out what was tucked in the bottom of my coffee table and spraying it with a spray bottle filled with water. Then I tossed it in the dryer. I do this for 2 reasons. #1 When I use acrylic paint on any fabric, it tense to have a stiff feeling. The heat from the dryer takes the stiffness out. #2 I hate to iron. For me, I will spray down anything that needs to be ironed and toss it in the dryer to get the wrinkles out. I call it the lazy man’s ironing.

Next, I folded the curtain in half length wise and cut. This next step does involve some ironing unfortunately. I ironed then sewed about a 1/2 inch seem on the 2 cut edges of the curtain. You don’t need to be exactly straight with this part because it will be the outside of the curtains as shown in the picture.

How To Paint Stripes on Curtains/Window Treatments

How To Hang the Curtain

Now for the worse part of the entire project-hanging the curtain rod. If you are like me, first be sure there are no small children within hearing distance. Then while making numerous holes in the wall for the tiniest screws that never seem to hold the rod up, curse and scream at your curtain rod until your husbnd comes and saves you from a mental break down and hangs it for you.

Then all you have to do is snip each end of the curtain to put the curtain rod through and hang the rod back up. No screaming or cursing required.How to Paint Stripes on Curtains

So far this has been my favorite way to add stripes to my curtains. You can see the stripes are perfectly lined up when the curtains are closed. Yes they are “spilling” on the floor a little too much for my liking, but that is another easy fix. I had planned to have A’s bed in front of the window and you would not have been able to see the bottom of the curtain, but he decided he liked it better on the other side of the room

DIY Striped Curtains

Under the window is A’s desk, aka my next project that I will be posting soon. In front of the desk is the IKEA fabric chair that I painted. You can read that tutorial here. Then to the right of the desk is the two toned dresser I stained and painted You can read about that here.

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