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DIY September Wreath

This is a very simple DIY September wreath makeover. I don’t know about you, but I like to change out my front door wreath each month, not only for holiday months like Thanksgiving or Christmas. I think it’s an easy way to give my house a fresh look.

Easy DIY Wreath/Lemon Wreath


Right now, August, I have my lean wreath hanging on my front door. I made this wreath several years ago and it definetly needs some sprucing up. That will have to be a project for next summer.

DIY September Wreath/DIY Wreath Makeover

While staring at my stache of wreaths I have hanging in a storage room in my basement, I realize I have 2 Fall wreaths and a Halloween wreath. So I decided to see what I could to make this pine cone wreath more of a September wreath.

DIY September Wreath/DIY Apple Wreath


I ran over to Michael Crafts and got these supplies.

This is what I had on hand.

  • Turquoise Acrylic Paint
  • Spanish Moss
  • Floral Wire
  • Hot glue Gun
  • And of course the Twig Wreath I plan to deconstruct


First I removed all of the pumpkins and pine cones from my wreath and stached them away. I’m sure I will be using them on another DIY project.

September Wreath/DIY Apple Wreath

Next I painted 2 coats of turquoise paint on the wooden home sign. I painted both sides because I have a glass storm door and when my front door is open you can see the back of my wreath.

DIY September Wreath/DIY Apple Wreath

Then I hot glued the wooden sign to the wreath. I also looped some floral wire around the back hangers for extra support.

DIY September Apple Wreath

I had a lot of left over hot glue stuck to the wreath after removing all of those pumpkin and pine cones, so I decided to apple some Spanish moss. I did this just by adding some hot glue and pressing the moss down. Then I tired a little bit of sewing thread to keep the moss in place.

Next I hot glued in a few apples, flowers and pine cones and attached my bow with floral wire.

DIY September Apple Wreath

I am very happy the way my new September wreath has come out.

DIY September Wreath/Apple Wreath


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