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diy 2 tones dresser/diy two toned dresser/ diy IKEA dresser

Today I’m going to show you my latest DIY project for A’s room. For now, A&M are sharing a room in our current home Julie. If you would like to read why I name my homes and I think you should too, click here. ¬†Anyway I am stock piling things to put in his room for when he decides he is ready to make the move. In my dreams I would love to have a truck pull up in front of my house loaded with all the furniture and decor I’ve picked for my rooms like you see on your favorite HGTV series. The reality is that’s not gonna happen, so I am doing one DIY project at a time.

The look I am going for in this room is an industrial boys room in black and white with just a touch of red. Red is not a color you will see throughout my house but it’s A’s favorite so I agreed to a just “touch”.

So before we begin-let me say I love buying second hand furniture and you will probably hear me say it again and again throughout all my DIY post. There is just something about buying a good piece of furniture and making it your own that I just love. That said this next project is a DIY IKEA dresser makeover. No, I wouldn’t say this IKEA dresser is a good “quality” piece if I was comparing it to let’s say Ethan Allen but it is a good piece for a 10 year old boy.

First the supply list:


Ok, so it looks like I used a lot of things here but it was really a trial and error DIY project. I bought this dresser off the Let It Go app for $30 and used what I had on hand to stain the dresser.

This is the before picture after slightly sanding it.

diy 2 tones dresser, diy two toned dresser, diy IKEA dresser
A’s dresser (before)

Sorry about the garage photo. Normally I don’t do garage projects. I will either do my DIY in my craft room or “sneak” them into the living when my husband is not home, but this dresser is actually really heavy so I just left it in the garage.

The weird thing I realized when I first started sanding it is there are several different types of wood in this one piece. The drawer fronts, legs, sides and top are all different.

diy 2 tones dresser, diy two toned dresser, diy IKEA dresser
A’s dresser (before) drawer fronts

I took out all the drawers and taped off the fronts because I was not going to paint the whole draw. I love love love the Folk Art chalk paint. One coat and done.

diy 2 tones dresser, diy two toned dresser, diy IKEA dresser
A’s dresser makeover first try.

I was going for a distressed wood look for the dresser so I started out with Weathered Oak and Weathered Gray stains. I just brushed on one wiped it off and then brushed on the other then wiped. The sides of the dresser did not soak the stain the same as the legs and the top as you can see by the green in the picture. After applying the both stains to the whole dresser it was time for plan B. Rummaging through my paint supply I found the  Kona wood stain we used for our stair railing makeover that I will be posting soon and the Chalked white linen paint I used for my dining table makeover.IKEA dresser makeover

I used the just a little of the chalk paint hoping that it would make the stain soak in more uniformly to the different types of wood. So I didn’t actually paint the hole dresser, I just brushed on a section wiping it immediately and then brushed the stain over it before the chalk had a chance to dry.A's IKEA 2 toned dresser makeover

It came out a little darker then I wanted but…it ain’t green so I will mark Plan B as a win!img_0406-1

Last I applied one thin coat of the Polycrylic to give it a slight satin sheen, but not a “shiny” look.

diy 2 tones dresser, diy two toned dresser, diy IKEA dresser
IKEA dresser makeover (after)

I really like the way this IKEA dresser turned out, but I did struggle with getting a good picture of it. We are not ready to put it in A’s room yet so I had D- help me move it all around the house trying to get the right light.

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