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Easy Summer Wreath

Easy summer wreath/diy Wreath/June Wreath/ribbon wreath
Easy Summer Wreath
Easy Summer Wreath

Summer Time!

Summer Time!

With summer time quickly approaching, our house is full of excitement! My boys can’t wait for school to end and summer camp to begin. I, of course, am thinking which wreath on my front door. I know! With so many other things going on, in the back of my mind I’m thinking about a wreath but I can’t help myself. Since moving into our current home Julie I am obsessed with changing our front door wreath every month. Yes Julie, I have named my current home Julie and if you would like to know why, click here. On the porch we have a bench I found on craigslist and painted white and I love to coordinating our wreath and pillows on this bench.  I love the look of the black and white striped pillows on the bench of our front porch, so those stay and I have just been changing out our wreath and decorative pillow.

So lets begin. On the rare trip to Walmart to get my son a video game I came across these flowers and that sparked the idea for our June wreath.

I also found this 16 inch Styrofoam wreath.

Quick run into my local Joann Fabrics and I found these 2 ribbons.

Here are you’re list of supplies and links to where they can be purchased. (do not get paid for these links)

Let’s get started

  • Unravel the black and white striped ribbon.
  • Place a bit of hot glue on the back of your wreath to attach the end of the ribbon.
  • Start winding the ribbon around the wreath being sure to cover the Styrofoam each time around.
  • At the end of each spool, put a dab of hot glue to hold the ribbon on the wreath and another dab to start the new spool until the wreath is completely covered.
  • Pop the flowers off the stem and start arranging them onto the wreath. I used 5 in the lower right and  3 on the upper left.
  • I always like my wreaths to have a bow so I made one out for the black and white gingham ribbon.
  • I used thin craft wire on the back of the wreath to hang it on the suction hook on my front door.
  • Annnnnd, your done.

I have yet to make a matching pillow for this wreath because,  quite honestly, I couldn’t think of what to do so for now it will stay like this. Any suggestions? What’s your summer time wreath?

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