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Halloween Entryway Decor/Family Friendly Halloween Decor


I love Halloween! Wait let me clarify that. I love Halloween but not the scary, bloody, gory kind. I love the fun family friendly kind of Halloween. So when it comes to decorating for Halloween, I am very Rated G.

Every year when decorating a room for Halloween, I try to make it a little different from previous years. I feel like Halloween decorations are so expensive and cheaply made, I end up doing a lot of DIY projects this time of year. This year, since I have just started blogging, I thought I would share with you the process I go through with each room I decorate for the Halloween.

  • SEARCH – I do a lot of searching each year for every room I plan to decorate. Other then a skull head soap dispenser or a plain pumpkin I don’t decorate the bathrooms or bedrooms for Halloween.
  • COLLECT INSPIRATION – Well this can be summed up with one word: Pinterest. I save all my inspiration for every room on one Halloween Pinterest board.
  • MAKE IT MY OWN – After collecting a ton of Pinterest Halloween inspiration, I start deciding on which ones I really love and inspire me to make it my own.

Here are a few I think are the best for the way I like to decorate for a family friendly Halloween.

Family Friendly Halloween Entryway Decor

When I first saw this pin from, I literally yelled out “YES!” I love every thing about this photo. This year I think I will mostly be using black and white, so it does have a little too much orange for me but I still love it. After clicking the pin, I realized that is not actually telling you how this vignette was created. It was a great tutorial on “Pottery Barn Inspired Bunting.” Ooooh bunting, great idea. Does anyone else talk to themselves while searching Pinterest or is it just me?

Family Friendly Halloween Decor

Now here is all black and white Halloween decor vignette from I love the 3 different bird cages on the entryway table.

Halloween Entryway Decor Ideas

This one from is great! I just love the idea of the black and white photos with the vintage pumpkin faces. That’s my kind of family friendly Halloween decorating. That Halloween art on the table…hmmm maybe some chalkboard art, again speaking to myself.

Halloween Decor Entryway

Speaking of chalkboard art, this a great post that gives a free chalkboard template. I love this Halloween phrase, maybe I can change the images around the words.

Cute Halloween Decor has a cute inspiration for a candy door hanger. I’m not sure I would hang the candy on my front door, but I do always have candy in my entryway this time of year. Not for myself of course (LOL)

Halloween Entryway Decor

Then there are the bats. I mean you have to have bats in your Halloween decor right? And a whole lot of them! gives a great tutorial on how she did her wall of bats.

This was great! I got a ton of Halloween Decor inspiration and now have a whole lot of DIYing to do.

Be sure to check out my HAPPY HALLOWEEN Pinterest board for more inspiration and don’t forget to check out the links below for more Family Friendly Halloween Decor Inspiration.

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Halloween Entryway Decor/ Family Friendly Halloween Decor

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