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Halloween Entryway Decor Banner

As you know I love Halloween, the non scary family friend kind of Halloween of course. I also love all the DIY decorating that comes with Halloween. Let’s face it, Halloween decorations are pretty expensive and not that well made. That’s why this time of year I make a lot of my own decorations.

If you read my post Family Friendly Halloween Decor/Entryway¬†you would know the first room on my list of many, is our entryway. These Halloween Decorations can be used in any room, I just happen to be using them in our entryway. Anyway let’s get started.


  • Twin Sheet
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Acrylic Paint/ Black and Orange
  • Artist Paint Brush
  • Kite String or Thin Yarn for Tassels

Halloween Bunting DIY


For my measurements, I just eyeballed the first triangle to the size I wanted it to be. Mine ended up being 8 inches long and 9 inches across. I made a template of that size triangle out of card stock paper. Then just went across my sheet with my template. I am using some scrap sheet fabric I had left over from a previous project. I needed to make 12 of these on 2 strings for my entryway stair rails.

Halloween Bunting DIY


Halloween Skull Bunting Banner


Finding the right non scary skull to use was probably the hardest party. I couldn’t find the right shape and face I wanted. After finally finding the shape I wanted to use, I drew in my own face. Then I traced it with a thick black marker to make it easier to see it through the sheet. The skull heads measurements I used was 4 inches long and 3.5 inches wide.

Halloween Banner DIY


I first traced all my skull heads on each triangle and then went back and painted in the black. It really doesn’t take long at all. I waited for the rare occasion when there were no kids or husband in the house. Then parked myself at my coffee table, turned on HGTV and finished it off within an hour. I thought I would spare you the photos of each brush stroke, but I did want you to see how the teeth were done in the 3 smaller photos above. First I painted the lines around the mouth, filling in the area I didn’t want the teeth vertically. Then added the horizontal brush strokes. No it’s not rock science but I just wanted to share that because it was much easier that way then trying to paint around each tooth.

Halloween Decor DIY


While my skull heads dried, I made 14 tassels. If you don’t know how to make tassels, this is a great tutorial here. Oh I did add some quick bow ties to my skulls. I thought they were looking a little too scary and the bow ties made them cuter.

Halloween Decor Family


To hang the banner, I used the same string I used for the tassels and 3 dots of hot glue on the bag of each triangle.Then, I hung the tassels with some thin craft wire.

I really love the way it came out. I actually like the sheet fabric frays a tiny bit. I can’t wait to hang them on my stair railing in my entryway. On to my next my next project.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out the rest of my DIY Family Friendly Halloween Decor. I will be linking each one below as they are posted. And also here is a link to my Pinterest Happy Halloween board for more great Halloween Inspiration.


Halloween Decor Family Friendly Banner Non Scary Decor

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