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DIY Halloween Decor With a Purpose

Ever since moving into our 3rd house Julie, that you can read all about here, I have been trying to streamline all of our home decor. Last year was our first Halloween in this house, and I just kinda through together what we used from our previous home, Annabella. This year I am on a mission to consolidate what we have and only keep what we really love. I decided to re-purpose this paper mache pumpkin to look nice as holiday decor, but also be useful in our home.

Halloween Entryway Decor

During the non holiday season, I like to keep my entryway very minimal. It works for us, a family of 5, to not have a lot of “stuff” in the entryway when we are all racing in and out of the front door, putting shoes on trying not to be late…again.  So when entering my house, we have a double coat closet to the right, a basket in the corner that we keep our umbrellas and this mirrored console table that I bought at Target. I will get to how this entryway set up keeps us organized on a daily basis in a later post, but for now we will focused on what’s on top of the table.

Entryway Halloween Decor - Before

On top of the console table, I keep just a clock so we can see we are running late again, my Feng Shui frog that I’ve had forever, a decorative Pier One Imports vase for bling and the all important pineapple canister where we drop our keys as soon as we come through the front door. Before getting this pineapple canister, I was forever loosing my keys. Are they in my handbag? Did I put them on the kitchen counter? In the sofa cushion? Yeah, so this is a must have in my entryway even during the holidays when a pineapple doesn’t really “go” with the theme. So this year I wanted to ditch the pineapple for something a little more festive – a pumpkin of course.

Halloween Decor Paper Mache

Above is my paper mache pumpkin that I bought 2 years ago and never got around to doing anything with. Annnnd-of course I forgot to take a picture of the before, but above is after putting a coat of black acrylic paint. I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to cut it, but I was hoping painting it first would stop it from falling to pieces.

Halloween Decor DIY

I measured 3 inches down from the top of the pumpkin and drew a line all the way around it where I wanted the top to be removed with a white pencil. Then literally walked around the garage a full 5 mins asking myself “What to cut this with? What to cut this with?” As I stared at all my husband’s power tools, I decided to go with a good old fashion kitchen knife. This is probably not the safest tool to use and I definitely don’t recommend that you do, but it was either that or wait for G- to get home. As you can see from the photo it is not completely straight but not completely crooked either.


Modern Halloween Decor

Next I measured and marked from the bottom at 2, 4 & 6 inches, then connected those markings all the way around my pumpkin. I measured from the bottom because one side of the top of the pumpkin is slightly higher then the other. I will use that as an excuse why my pumpkin was cut crooked not that fact that I used a kitchen knife. Anyway… Next I measured and marked 3 & 5 inches around my pumpki before I started my harlequin pattern.

Harlequin Print Halloween Pumpkin

Next out of just a plain piece of printer paper, I made a 2 inch diamond shape to use as my stencil. I scribbled in the diamonds as I went around the pumpkin. After going completely around the pumpkin, I decided I liked the look of the white pencil and didn’t ended up painting the diamonds white like I first intended to do.

Chalkboard Paint Halloween Pumpkin

I also decided to lightly sand the edges of where I cut my pumpkin in half because they were looking a little jagged. After touching up the black paint, I painted the stem gold and added some gold dots to my pattern.

Modern Halloween Entryway DIY

And Done!! I really love the way it turned out. Yes, I could have bought a pumpkin canister and painted it, but I was really looking to re purpose the Halloween decorations I already have.

Halloween Modern Entryway Decor

I will be posting a reveal of my Halloween entryway soon- On to my next project. Be sure to check out my Happy Halloween Pinterest board for more Halloween decor inspiration. And follow the links below to read more on a Halloween Decor Series.

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Halloween Decor With A Purpose

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