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DIY propagate a coleus the easy way

Do you plant coleus in your flowerbeds, outdoor pots or window boxes? Do want to know how to root them to get more bang for your buck? This is a super easy way to do it.

Coleus is a staple in my flower garden every year. In every house we have owned, they have always been in my flower beds. They are super low maintenance and make a big impact. They also live throughout the summer into the late fall in my area.

DIY how to propagate a coleus

This year because I spent more of my time cutting down old shrubs and planting a huge score of perennials I bought off Craigslist in our new house Julie, I’ve spent less time at the nursery looking for flowers to plant. On one of my few trips to a local nursery I found these tiny pots of coleus that were only about 1 1/2 inches tall for $1.00. I grabbed up a bunch of them because I knew they did really well in my garden previous years. I actually prefer the pink and green leaf ones but this is what they had.

DIY how to propagate a coleus

After a few weeks of being in the ground, my new baby coleus were starting to dye off. I decided to try to propagate the ones that were left standing. Here’s what I did.

With my just my fingers I snipped of whatever stems I could get. Several tutorials I read like this one from Gardening Know How, said to make sure you are trimming below the lowest node but I had such tiny plants to begin with, I just snipped and hoped for the best.

Then I added some water in these small Turkish tea cups we have, placed the coleus in, and set it in my dining room window. I kept my eye on it for the next 2 weeks, adding water if needed to make sure the stem was still submerged.

After that 2 week period, you can see the roots! I don’t’ know about you, but I am completely amazed by this.

DIY how to root a coleus

Other tutorials said to take them from the water, and plant them in a pot with some good soil for several more weeks. I did not. I took them right from the water and put them back into my flower bed, full sun and all. These coleus are now thriving outside and I will be continuing to root them through out the summer to see how they do inside my house.

DIY how to root a coleus

Have you tried propagate anything from your garden? Let us know.

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