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As I begin this new adventure of blogging, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself and “My Team”- These are the people that keep me going, keep me inspired, keep me sane and sometimes make me insane, my driving force, my heart…my family.

DIY mama
Let’s start with a little about myself. I am a wife and a mother and an avid DIYer. Sounds simple, but as every wife and mother knows “that not it” to quote my youngest son. Like most wives and mothers, not only do we work outside the home full time but our full time jobs in the home are never ending. We are also the house keeper, the nurse, the barber, the landscaper, the painter, the decorator, the accountant, the pool cleaner, the baker-in my case not the chief but we won’t get into that now- We are all that and then some. Then in our “free time” (wink) we love to craft and have DIY home project. I’ve owned websites and sell on Ebay and Etsy. It may sound like a lot, but when you are doing what you love for who you love it is just second nature. I don’t have not one complaint here about my role in this team. I love them and wouldn’t change a thing. So let’s dive right into my dream team.

First up-the love of my life, my partnter, the glue that keeps me from imploding from the inside out most days-my husband G!! Sorry ladies I have snagged the best man, husband and father ever and I plan to hold onto him until the end. Before I started working full time, he and I would spend his only day off tirelessly working on our house, Annabella. Yes I name my house but doesn’t every one?  We are currently on our 3rd house, Julie. We will get into why I name my houses later, but for now I will continue to gush about G-. Anyway, we are kinda starting all over again. I would love to say this is our forever home, but ya never know. G- is a self taught carpenter, tile worker, plumber, landscaper, mechanic and chief. Yes chief. If we are having something other then chicken nuggets for dinner it is because G- is home and he is cooking. All that and it is not even what my husband does for a living. Told you I snagged a good one! I could sing his praises all day long but we will move on to the rest of my team.

Next up is D-. Our first born. When we got pregnant with D- it changed me forever. I’m not talking about changes in my body or our social life, I’m talking about changed me to the core. From that moment I found out I was pregnant it changed the way I thought, the way I saw the world and the things I dreamed about completely. From that moment on we were not a couple but a family. D- is my 6’3″ baby who I lovingly call my man child. He has a heart of gold, extremely smart and lives to play basketball. He has a very calm nature and dare I say a face of a God even though he would never believe that. He is my heavy lifter and my out of reach getter. He is sweet and loving to his younger brothers even with having 9 and 14 years between them. He is our first born, and even though he spends most of his time now going to school and work and hanging out with his friend, he will always be our sweet baby D-.

Next up is A- our New Year’s baby. This one has a brain I can’t even comprehend. He is not smart- he is highly intelligent and always has been. Even as a very young baby we knew he was. We would catch him very intently watching us when we would open the child safety gates with a look in his eye like he was locking way that information in his mind for when he was tall enough to reach it…and he did. Is he book smart? Yes-but there is something else to this kid that I can’t even find the words to explain. He wants to learn about everything and I mean everything. To help feed this brain my husband and I do our best to let him try everything and anything with one rule-No quitting. By the age of 3 A- was already asking to join baseball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, karate, violin, trumpet. He knows basics of sign language and starting to learn French. A-‘s dream vacation is to go to the Great Wall of China. He collects the “Who Was?” series where he is reading about everyone from Bruce Lee to Bill Gates to Walt Disney. Click here to view the series. I highly recommend them for all children of all ages and am not getting paid to say this. Back to A-…the only thing bigger then his brain is his heart. He is definitely off to do great things-if he chooses to do so.

Last but not least my sweet happy baby M-. This one is the spice in our lives. My entire family refers to him as KooKoo because this one is a one of a kind kid. He is a crazy, happy, loving and smart little boy. The things this he does and says and the questions he has blows our minds. M-was reading at a very young age and this has grown into a great love for books. Many times we find him in his room under a big pile of books just reading and laughing out loud all by himself.  How did he do it? We are completely grateful to this series of Preschool Prep, again not getting paid to say it, but we were truly amazed how quickly M- had learned from this series.  M- is my youngest baby and even though I wish he would stay that way forever, I’m so excited to see what the future holds for him.

There are more people in my life that keep me going like my mom, my 2 sisters, my brother, my nieces and my nephew and they will be included in my coming post, but my core- the ones that keep me going- my dream team is my house of boys. I have so much love for them.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to leave your comments or stories below.


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