Why You Should Name Your Home

Why you should name your home

Why you should name your homeIn the past 14 years my husband and I have had 3 homes and I’ve named them all. Why do you name your home you ask? Well for the simply reason, it gives the house an identity. No, we don’t live on an estate or compound, but I do feel like it helps in my decorating and over all theme of the house. It’s more personal then picking a style you want to have in your home like Traditional, Modern, or Farmhouse style. To me, when you pick a name it really helps in choosing what you want your home to feel like and the mood of the house.

If your a mom, think back when your were pregnant. What was the one thing that was probably on your mind for the entire 9 months? That’s right, your baby’s name. Will it be a classic name, a name having to do with your heritage, a unique name? Not a mom? Just think about it in the broader sense. Think about just going to the store. What feelings do you get in just hearing the name? What do you think and feel when you’re heading off to Walmart? How about Target? I know my first thought when pulling up to Target is “How am I going to get out of here without filling 2 shopping carts and breaking the bank?” Come on ladies, I know your with me on that! Then my second thought is love.pngalmost always “Hope they have a Starbucks.” Anyway getting away from my point. You know when you walk into a Target greeted with bold red and white walls, their Target logo, and they are always over stocked with over-sized shopping carts just begging to be filled with things you had no idea you needed and now can’t possibly live without. Oh God, there I go again-Back to my point- When you name your home you can start creating the idea- What it looks like. What you want it to feel like, textures, colors and smells. In the big gigantic world of decorating, it really helps narrow down your ideas. Name your home and fill it with things that you love. Love a farmhouse table? Add modern chairs around it or a contemporary light fixture above it. Traditional kitchen? Add bold colored accessories to you counter top or pop art to your walls. You will find that as long as you add things that you love your home will take on it’s own personality it’s own name.

I will introduce you to Jane our starter home here because we weren’t with her very long. The meaning of the name Jane is “gift from God” and she was. When we found Jane it was right around the time where if you were above ground and had a pulse, you could buy a house, and we wanted in. Now I know what you are thinking “Plain Jane” but that was not the case at least for us. No she didn’t have a lot of bells and whistles or square footage for that matter. She wasn’t in the neighborhood or school district we wanted either-but again we knew she was our first step and we were not staying. Here is were I started my love for home decorating and DIY crafts. I remember how proud we were when we got the cheapest counter top installed in our kitchen and then hand painted a brick back splash along the entire wall with out any help from Youtube, Pinterest or Google. Any home owner knows these are the “go to” places for decorating, DIY, crafts and home repair now. From then on, I would have a great big smile anytime I walked into Jane’s kitchen because I thought it came out a great success and it was something I did myself. I then striped my first accent wall, which is not as easy as you would think and painted D-‘s room the brightest blue I could find. After that, we were outta there. We moved on to a much bigger house with a much bigger yard and with a whole hell of a lot of work to do- Annabella.

Annabella was our¬†second home and she is linked here¬†and Julie our current home is linked here. But before moving on, I hope I was able to answer the question of ” Why I name my homes?” and maybe able to inspire you to give it a try. Let us know what you named your home and what that name means to you. How it has helped in bringing in all the things that you love and not worry so much about “style” it is.

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